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Friday, 26 March 2010

Bathroom TVs - An Object Of Desire

Home technology and gadget sales are at an all time high across the globe, it is not just the youth generation of today that need to keep up with the latest trends but across the board.

In a time when must have items include the latest mobile phones, ipods and computer consoles it is hardly surprising that home technology has become the latest sector of this rapidly growing technological era to announce huge growth.

Waterproof TVs Direct and other companies within the waterproof tv industry have seen a surge in sales of bathroom tvs to both the consumer and corporate sectors.

Items such bathroom tvs were, in the past often seen as luxury items only affordable to the rich and famous or found in plush, five star apartment and hotel complexes in exotic destinations.

Such is the demand, particularly from the consumer market in 2010, major home improvement publishers both online and offline, such as Real Homes Magazine have decided to run full feature articles and bring the affordability of bathroom tvs to their readers.

Waterproof TVs Direct are currently making the most of this interest by offering cut price, top quality 7″ Widescreen, LCD waterproof tvs from top maufacturer TechVision for £199.99 including free UK delivery.

Gary Kay, owner of the company had this to say “To often in the past we would get an enquiry for our products, only for consumers to be put of by the price of waterproof viewing solutions when compared to standard non-waterproof tvs. In 2010 we are proud and pleased to offer an affordable solution in these times of financial troubles for just £199.99 with free UK delivery”.

No longer do you have to view a bathroom tv as an object of desire, you can now make this dream a reality whilst stocks last by visiting http://www.waterprooftvs-direct.co.uk/

Non-Waterproof TV Range Launched By Waterproof TVs Direct Ltd

As a leading supplier of waterproof tv solutions, Waterproof TVs Direct Ltd have announced they are to launch a new service, non-waterproof Plasma TVs and LCD TVs.

The reason behind the launch of a new service is down to a massive growth of enquiries from clients both trade and consumer looking for a waterpoof tv and also non-waterproof television.

Gary Kay, Managing Director of Waterproof TVs Direct said “The new range of non-waterproof tvs marks a significant expansion for the company, not only can we deliver our usual bespoke solutions such as bathroom tvs but now also provide for commercial and consumer needs away from waterproof tvs. In the past we had sent enquiries of this nature to partners of the business, now due to the recent interest in this type of product we have brought the servce in house.”

Waterproof TVs Direct have links with many big brand, blue chip tv manufacturers such as Sony, Philips, LG and Samsung so can gaurantee to deliver an affordable, top quality television either on individual or bulk orders.

As well as the supply service the company have also introduced a north west consumer installation service and nationwide UK installation service for commercial clients.

For more information on the service please call 01282 434744 or visit http://waterprooftvs-direct.co.uk/plasmaandlcdtvs-c-7.html

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Launch competition reaches over 1500 entries!

Gary Kay, Managing Director of Wateproof TVs Direct, today announced that since the competition to win a free 7" waterproof tv was launched on New Years Day, over 1500 entries have been received.

The company are urging anybody who is serious about having a waterproof tv in their property to also take note of the January special offer on the same units.

RRP is £325, Waterproof TVs Direct are giving you the opportunity to save £126 by having a sale price of £199.99 including Free UK Delivery, waterproof remote and 2 x 5 Watt external speakers.

To see more information regarding this special offer please visit Cheap Wateproof TVs page of the website.

Only 33 are left in stock and the price will increase once stock has sold.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Who is number one? You Decide

Waterproof TVs Direct are running a consumer poll to find out public and the overall industry opinion on which waterproof television manufacturer is regarded as the best.

In a previous poll taken Techvision came out on top with much feedback that the overall quality and finish of their Infinity range won the individual votes.

Managing Director of Waterproof TVs Direct Ltd, Gary Kay said "As a industry leading supplier we must ensure that our clients have access to the very best in top quality waterproof television, running a consumer poll asking the question over a 40 day period will also benefit us as a company. Yes, Techvision came out on top last time we conducted a similar survey however we are fully aware of other manufacturers staking a claim with the public for number one"

To place your vote you will need to visit http://waterprooftvs.blogspot.com/ with the choice of 3 named manufacturers Techvision, Waview and Aquavision.

The results should be very interesting to say the least.


Waterproof TVs Direct Ltd | New Information Sites Aquired

Waterproof TVs Direct Limited have announced the purchase of 2 new website domains with the aim of providing web users much maligned product information.

The 2 websites will focus on 2 areas, Mirror TVs and Techvision Waterproof TVs.

Managing Director Gary Kay quoted "We are commited not just to selling goods to clients but also educating them on product specification,technical information and providing any relevant help to ensure our customers feel confortable with their purchase"

Expect more of the same throughout 2010 as the company look to expand and increase customer satisfaction.

The sites are planned to go live under the domain names http://www.techvisionwaterprooftvs.co.uk/ and http://www.mirrortvs-direct.co.uk/ in late January/Early February 2010.

For any information on the above products please visit http://www.waterprooftvs-direct.co.uk/ from 1st January.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Techvision Infinity Waterproof TV - Most Wanted Product

Kitchen and Bathroom News, the industries top trade publication backs up the view of Waterproof TVs Direct and also makes it official...Techvision Infinity is number one in this sector!

The Infinity range of products win the prestigious "Most Wanted Award" as "Necessities Product of 2008" , the result having been based against the highest number of enquiries throughout the year.

Waterproof TVs Direct managing director Gary Kay comments on this award "Upon deciding to launch our company we needed to ensure that any waterproof televisions we sold were not only of maximum quality but importantly have industry recognition and stand out as the number one industry product. Reaearching and hearing of this awarded only re-affirmed our firm belief that the Techvision Infinity range was for us and our clients".

For more information regarding Techvision Waterproof TVs or to buy online please visit http://www.waterprooftvs-direct.co.uk/

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Waterproof TVs Direct Limited | The Journey Begins 1st Jan 2010!

Welcome to the official blog of Waterproof TVs Direct Limited.

On the 1st January 2010 the company officially opens for online and over the telephone trading. Our website Waterproof TVs Direct is currently in stock population and final development stage.

To mark the business and site launch we will be running an open to all free give away of the elegant 7" Techvision Infinity Waterproof Television with the lucky winner being announced via e-mail and phone on the 1st February 2010.

Entry requirements are that your name, contact telephone and e-mail are provided so that we can contact you if you have been selected.

If you would like to contact us in the meantime please contact us and we will get back to you asap.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit this blog and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Gary Kay
Managing Director
Waterproof TVs Direct Limited